Ord. No.   Date   Description
N.A.   2-21-1881   Hancock St.
N.A.   6-27-1887   Changes Will St. to Clinton Ave.
N.A.   6-27-1887   Changes Virgin Alley to Court St.
N.A.   12-5-1892   Changes Water St. to Erie St.
N.A.   12-5-1892   Changes Mill St. to Water St.
N.A.   3-15-1897   Changes Clinton Ave. to Cottage Ave.; Franklin St. to Beach St.; High St. to Earl St.; Elwood St. to Elmer St.; Seneca St. to Nelson St.; Walnut St. to Wall St.; Railroad St. to Benner St.
N.A.   3-2-08   Morris St., St. Clair St., Center St., Plum St., Maple St., Orange St., Carl St., Nile St., Chesnut St., Ellita St., East Russell St., West Russell St., Boehler St., Penn St. and Olive St.
N.A.   3-24-13   Changes Lafayette St. to North Monroe St.
587   9-18-22   Changes Water St. to Frost Parkway.
1052   8-21-44   Changes Walnut St. to St. Francis Ave.
1117   10-22-46   Changes Forest St. to Oak St.; Mary St. to Martha St.; Sneath St. to Vine St.; Broad St. to Wall St.; Washington Ave. to Washington St.; High St. to Jackson St.; Riverside Ave. to Riverside Drive; Charles St. to Leitner St.; E. and W. Rebecca St. to Rebecca St.; E. and W. Greely St. to Greely St.; N. and S. Oil St. to Oil St.; N. and S. Melissa St. to Melissa St.
1570   11-15-54   Changes South St. to Orchard Park.
1726   11-19-56   Changes part of Eighth Ave. to Lawndale Dr.
1737   1-7-57   Changes part of Seventh Ave. to North View Dr.
1865   3-2-59   North Water St.
2023   11-6-61   Changes Eighth Ave. to Lawndale Dr.
09-13   3-16-09   Changes High St. to Oakley Meadow.
12-72   12-3-12   Changes the name of the northern part of Hedges Street which runs through Heidelberg University to Rebecca Street.
17-96   11-29-17   Naming Rebecca Street Bridge for Mayor Bernard J. Hohman.
N.A. - Not Available