Sec. 9-4.2307.  Trailer Park Development Zones (T-P-D).
   Advertising signs, structures, or devices of any character placed or maintained on any land used as a trailer park shall be used only for the purpose of identifying or advertising the trailer park and the accommodations offered. Before being erected, the size, character, location, and number of all such advertising signs, structures, or devices shall be approved by the Commission. Any proposed freestanding sign shall not exceed twenty (20') feet in height or fifty (50) square feet in area, and any proposed wall sign shall not extend above the top of the wall nor exceed one hundred (100) square feet in area.  A freestanding sign may be softly illuminated from the interior, but any wall sign shall be only indirectly lighted.  Small directional or traffic control signs, lighted or unlighted, may be erected and maintained within the limits of the trailer park or on adjoining property when approved by the Community Development Director as to location and character. No other advertising sign, structure, or device shall be permitted in the Trailer Park Development Zone, except unlighted signs not exceeding one hundred (100) square feet in area pertaining to the sale or lease of the lot upon which they are displayed.  Temporary political signs shall be permitted pursuant to the requirements of Sections 9-4.2305 and 9-4.2306 of this article concerning signs in residential zones.
(§ I, Ord. 248-NS, eff. January 6, 1972, as amended by § 3, Ord. 741-NS, eff. April 3, 1980)