Licensing and Operation of Sexually Oriented Businesses
760.01   Purpose and findings.
760.02   Definitions.
760.03   Classification.
760.04   Sexually oriented business license required.
760.05   Sexually oriented business employee license required.
760.06   Sexually oriented business license application.
760.07   Issuance of sexually oriented business license.
760.08   Sexually oriented business employee license application.
760.09   Issuance of sexually oriented business employee license.
760.10   Fees.
760.11   Inspection.
760.12   Expiration and renewal of license.
760.13   Suspension.
760.14   Revocation.
760.15   Appeal rights.
760.16   Transfer of license.
760.17   Prohibition of adult motels.
760.18   Regulations pertaining to the exhibition of sexually explicit films, videos, or live entertainment in viewing booths.
760.19   Additional regulations concerning the operation of sexually oriented businesses.
760.20   Loitering and exterior lighting and monitoring requirements.
760.21   Penalty.
760.22   Injunction.
760.23   Effect of partial invalidity.
760.24   Compliance within six months.
Obscenity and sex offenses - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 533