(a)   If the provisions of Section 521.05, 557.02, 557.03, 557.04, 909.01, 1327.13 and/or 1361.02 are not complied with, the Director of Public Service or his/her duly authorized representative shall notify the occupant, owner, agent, or person having control of any lot or land to comply with the provisions of Sections 521.05, 557.02, 557.03, 557.04, 909.01, 1327.13 and/or 1361.02 within a time to be specified in the notice, which notice shall be given either by certified mail, regular first class mail, by posting it conspicuously for a period of at least five days on the real estate involved, by leaving a copy thereof at the residence of the owner of such premises, or by publication one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the City if it cannot be served in any other way above mentioned. Such notice shall require compliance with Sections 521.05, 557.02, 557.03, 557.04 909.01, 1327.13 and/or 1361.02 within five days after service of such notice, and if such notice is not complied with within the time limit, the Director of Public Service shall cause such drainage obstructions, sidewalk nuisance, closing of vacant structures, litter, weeds, grass, trees or other vegetation to be removed or destroyed and the actual cost of such cutting, removal, or destruction plus twenty-five percent (25%) for inspection and other additional costs in connection therewith shall be charged to the property owner. If the property owner fails to pay the same within thirty days after notice of the amount of the expense, the Director of Public Service shall certify the same to the appropriate County Auditor to be placed upon the tax duplicate and collected as other taxes are collected according to law.
   (b)   One notification per calendar year shall be deemed notice for all subsequent violations during the same calendar year.
(Ord. 96-2018. Passed 1-24-19.)