(a)   Rank vegetation shall not be permitted on any of the following premises:
      (1)   The area in the right-of-way and 10 feet of the property beyond the right- of-way for undeveloped property;
      (2)   The area in the right-of-way and 150 feet of the property beyond the right- of-way for developed property;
      (3)   Dedicated open space, conservation easements, wetland areas, and other similar areas are exempt.
   (b)   The Director of Public Service or his/her duly authorized representative may modify at his/her discretion provisions of areas described in subsection (a) hereof, where the literal enforcement would cause a hardship due to natural or man-made barriers or causes the disruption of a natural animal, fowl, or flora habitat.
   (c)   Every owner, occupant, agent, and person having control of any lot or land in the City shall cut and remove or destroy by lawful means all noxious weeds and rank vegetation growing thereon and shall keep such growth so that the same shall not at any time attain a height of more than eight inches on any developed property and twelve inches on any undeveloped property. (Ord. 126-2000. Passed 9-28-00.)