There are three Architectural Districts that apply to specific areas in the City.  The Neighborhood Character Architectural District is created to help maintain the distinctive appeal of older residential neighborhoods in and near downtown Sylvania.  These residential areas are locally-significant with historic roots associated with the earliest days of the City of Sylvania.  The Downtown Architectural District recognizes the unique character of downtown Sylvania and contains requirements to help ensure that new construction on infill lots, along with the renovation of existing buildings, will blend with the urban fabric and character of Downtown Sylvania.  The Gateway Architectural District is established to draw attention to the importance of areas adjacent to the US 23 interchange.  This general area serves to welcome visitors to the City of Sylvania and therefore it is essential to maintain a quality introductory environment that expresses a positive community image.  The Three Architectural Districts are overlay zoning districts.  They include development standards and requirements that are in addition to those established by underlying zoning districts.  All standards and regulations of the underlying zoning district apply, except where specifically modified or supplemented by provisions of these Architectural Districts.
(Ord. 56-2015.  Passed 4-18-16.)