(A)   In the event the Town Manager issues a declaration of a Stage II Water Shortage Condition, then it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, to use or permit the use of water from the town water system for any purpose hereinafter set forth until the time as the declaration of water shortage has been rescinded. In exercising the authority for declaring a water shortage condition consideration shall be given to water storage levels and available sources of supply, available usable storage on hand, drawdown rates, the projected supply capability, outlook for precipitation, daily water use patterns and availability of water from other sources.
   (B)   In the event a Stage I Water Shortage Condition is in effect and available water supply continues to decrease, then a Stage II Water Shortage may be proclaimed. In addition to the voluntary guidelines already in effect it shall be unlawful to use water supplied by the town water system in the following manner:
      (1)   To water lawns, grass, shrubbery, trees, flowers and vegetable gardens except on Saturday and Tuesday between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. The watering shall be done by hand-held hose or container or drip irrigation system only;
      (2)   To fill newly-constructed swimming and/or wading pools or refill swimming and/or wading pools which have been drained;
      (3)   To wash automobiles, trucks, trailers, boats, airplanes or any other type of mobile equipment, including commercial washing;
      (4)   To wash down outside areas such as streets, driveways, service station aprons, parking lots, office buildings, exteriors of existing or newly-constructed homes or apartments;
      (5)   To use water from public or private fire hydrants for any purpose other than fire suppression or other public emergency;
      (6)   To operate or induce water into any ornamental fountain, pool or pond or other structure making similar use of water;
      (7)   To serve drinking water in restaurants, cafeterias or other food establishments, except upon request;
      (8)   To operate water-cooled air conditioners or other equipment that does not recycle cooling water, except when health and safety are adversely affected;
      (9)   To use water for any unnecessary purpose or to intentionally waste water.
(OC, § 5-1-20(b))