(A)   The Town Board shall be the reviewing authority for all appeals of actions or administrative determinations under the provision of these regulations. Notice of an intent to appeal and request for a hearing shall be addressed to the Town Manager in writing and shall detail the nature of the appeal. A date for the hearing shall be set by the Town Board and the appellant promptly notified in writing. The decision of the Town Board after the hearing shall be final and conclusive and shall be conveyed to the appellant in writing.
   (B)   The Town Board expressly reserves the absolute right to amend, modify, rescind or supplement the regulations. No modification of rates or any of the rules and regulations shall be made by any agent of the town. No promise, agreement or representation of any employee of the town shall be binding upon the town, except and unless it has been agreed upon in writing, signed, and accepted by the Town Board.
(OC, § 5-1-22)