(A)   Application or requests for fire protection service shall include a plan indicating the fire protection system to be installed on the customer's premises showing all valves, hydrants and related facilities. The town reserves the right to approve applications for fire protection service when the proposed system is consistent with the town's ability to provide adequate service, or to deny an application where the town cannot provide adequate service, or when the proposed fire protection system will in the town's opinion adversely affect the town's water distribution system.
   (B)   Fire protection services will be installed, owned and maintained from the town's mains to the customer's property line by town personnel, or, subject to approval by the town, the service may be installed by the customer under the direct supervision of town personnel. Under either condition, the customer will pay the full cost of the fire protection service including the tapping valve. In addition, the customer will pay the full cost of the fire protection system on the customer's property. Where the installation is to be made by the town, the full cost shall be paid by the customer prior to any work being performed. The town does not warrant or guarantee the delivery of any minimum water flow rate or residual pressure for fire protection.
   (C)   Fire protection service shall be separate and apart from the domestic water service.
   (D)   Fire protection systems must include an approved backflow prevention device which shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of § 51.17 of this chapter.
   (E)   Where the customer's fire protection system incorporates one or more privately-owned hydrants or extensive main lengths on the customer's property (generally in excess of 200 feet) or includes booster pumps and the like, then a detector check meter shall be installed in addition to an approved backflow prevention device. The purpose of the detector meter shall be to detect and monitor leakage or unauthorized use of water from the customer's fire protection system, but shall not be designed to meter or detect water used in firefighting. Plans submitted to the town for approval shall show the manufacturer and model number of the detector check meter proposed.
   (F)   Installation of the customer’s fire protection system shall include pressure testing of the fire main in the presence of the town's authorized representatives.
(OC, § 5-1-17)
   Fire prevention, see Ch. 91