(A)   The customer shall provide, as may be necessary, a suitable location satisfactory to the town for its metering equipment. This location shall be convenient and accessible at all reasonable times to the town's meter readers and other agents. This location shall conform with all applicable local, state or federal requirements.
   (B)   Duly authorized agents of the town shall be given access to the premises of the customer at all reasonable hours for reading or testing meters, for shutting off the flow of water, for inspecting, removing, repairing or protecting from abuse or fraud any of the property of the town installed on the premises or for any other purpose in connection with the town's service of facilities. Access shall be granted at all times for emergency purposes. Any metering equipment that is enclosed by building alterations, fencing or other structures, that restricts the town's representatives from reasonable and ready access to the meter for reading, testing and servicing shall be relocated by the owner to a space on the premises that is approved by the town prior to relocation. Should the customer restrict the town's reasonable and ready access to its metering facilities, including restrictions created by animals, the town shall give written notice and shall discontinue service 30 days thereafter if the restrictions are not eliminated.
   (C)   Each customer shall grant or convey, or shall cause to be granted or conveyed to the town a perpetual easement and right-of-way across any property owned or controlled by the consumer wherever the perpetual easement and right-of-way is necessary for the town water or sewer facilities and lines so as to be able to furnish service to the customer.
   (D)   The customer shall be liable to the town for damages to or loss of meters, connections or other town property on the customer's premises due to negligence or want of care on the part of the customer, members of the customer's household, agents or employees. The town may refuse or suspend water service on refusal of legitimate access to the property or until any damage or loss shall have been settled to the town's satisfaction.
(OC, § 5-1-13) Penalty, see § 10.99