(A)   The town shall endeavor to have each customer's meter(s) read at approximately monthly intervals to determine the consumption of water or discharge of sewage. If a meter reading is missed, an estimated reading shall be made and the billing shall be based on the estimated reading and adjusted to actual consumption when a reading is obtained.
   (B)   Bills for water service will be figured in accordance with the town's published rate schedule then in effect and will be based on the amount consumed for the period covered by the meter readings. Each customer will be charged a monthly fee as long as the connection is maintained. If the connection is maintained, but no water is used nor sewage discharged, the minimum monthly fee will be charged. If any customer's water service has been cut off by the town because of nonpayment of any unpaid balance due on the customer's account, then the customer will be billed the minimum monthly fee on the account.
   (C)   Readings from different meters will not be combined for billing irrespective of the fact that the meters may be for the same or different premises, or for the same or different consumers or for the same or different services.
   (D)   Bills will be rendered monthly and are payable in full at the Town Hall on or before the 20th of the month. If not paid by the twentieth, a 10% penalty will be charged. The town will discontinue water service the following work day after the twenty-fifth for any customer having an unpaid balance. Water service will be restored upon full payment of the account in addition to the payment of a reconnection fee as specified in § 51.21.
   (E)   Failure or refusal to receive bills or notices shall not prevent the bills from becoming delinquent or relieve the consumer from payment.
   (F)   When a check is returned to the town due to insufficient funds, the customer will be required to make payments in cash. A fee, as specified in § 51.21, will be charged to the customer for each check returned to the town for insufficient funds.
(OC, § 5-1-9) (Am. Ord. passed 5-9-91)