(A)   All customers shall be billed for water and sewer services per the rate schedule set out in § 51.21 of this chapter. The Town Board shall review the rate schedule at least once per year and shall revise the charges for water and sewer services and the rate schedule set out in § 51.21 as the Board deems necessary and proper.
   (B)   Tap-on fees shall be charged and collected from all new customers in accordance with the rates illustrated in § 51.21 of this chapter. The Town Board shall review tap-on rates periodically and shall revise them as necessary. The Town Board shall retain the authority and right to offer special tap-on charges for specified periods of time to new customers along newly constructed lines in areas previously not served by the municipal water system.
   (C)   The minimum charge, as indicated in § 51.21, shall be made for each meter installed regardless of location. The minimum charge shall be made even in the event of nonuse, as is typical for summer homes in resort areas.
   (D)   Multi-residential or multi-commercial users shall install individual meters for each unit. The town will operate and maintain the individual meters and will invoice each individual customer on a monthly basis in the same manner as single-family residences are administered.
   (E)   Unmetered privately-owned hydrants, sprinklers or other related fire protection services shall be invoiced monthly (or annually at the town's discretion) based on the rates illustrated in § 51.21. Water use through fire services shall be for fire-related uses only. All other types of water consumption through fire services are strictly prohibited.
(OC, § 5-1-8) (Am. Ord. passed 1-21-92)