(A)   Where a public water line is not available under the provisions of § 51.03, the facilities requiring potable water shall be connected to a private water system complying with the requirements of the appropriate state and/or local regulatory agencies.
   (B)   At the time a public water line becomes available to a property served by a private water system, a direct connection shall be made from the customer's premises to the public water line in compliance with this chapter. There shall be no physical connection (cross-connection) between any privately-owned water source and the municipal water system.
   (C)   The owner(s) of a private water facility shall operate and maintain the facility in a sanitary manner at all times at no expense to the town.
   (D)   Where public water is available, private water systems within the corporate limits of the town may be used for nonpotable purposes only. If water from a private water system is to be discharged into the town's public sewer collection system, the water source shall be metered by the customer in order for the town to determine the sewer charge. The customer shall comply with all requirements set forth in this chapter and shall bear all costs when metering a water supply.
   (E)   No statement contained in this section shall be construed to interfere with any additional requirements that may be imposed by state or federal agencies.
(OC, § 5-1-4)