Chapter 7
*Cross reference— Fires on the beach, § 4-5; buildings and building regulations, Ch. 5; housing, Ch. 9; private fire outlets, § 18-36; use of fire hydrants, § 18-89.
*State Law reference— Fire protection generally, G.S. 58-79 et seq.; fire protection in municipalities, G.S. 160A-291—160A-293.
Sec. 7-1. Interfering with firefighters.
Sec. 7-2. Parking prohibited in fire lanes and obstructing hydrants.
Sec. 7-3. False fire alarms; damaging fire alarm boxes.
Sec. 7-4. Installation of underground tanks for storage of flammable liquids.
Sec. 7-5. Open burning.
Sec. 7-6. Fire prevention and inspections.
Sec. 7-7. Occupancy limits enforcement.
Sec. 7-8. Penalties.
Sec. 7-9. Accumulations presenting fire hazard.
Sec. 7-10. Composition, organization.
Sec. 7-11. Command at fires.
Sec. 7-12. Authority of officers.
Sec. 7-13. Right-of-way of fire department vehicles.