Chapter 12
*State Law reference— State criminal code, G.S. 14-1 et seq.
Sec. 12-1. Reserved.
Sec. 12-2. Disorderly conduct.
Sec. 12-3. Sand or other material belonging to town; removal from streets or other public places.
Sec. 12-4. Skating.
Sec. 12-5. Throwing stones, missiles, etc.
Sec. 12-6. Using sling, slingshot, etc.
Sec. 12-7. Discharging BB guns, etc.
Sec. 12-8. Discharging firearms generally.
Sec. 12-9. Posting signs, posters, etc., restricted.
Sec. 12-10. Exposure of female breast.
Sec. 12-11. Alcoholic beverage possession and consumption.
Sec. 12-12. Smoking in public buildings owned by the town.
Sec. 12-13. Posting of signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons on certain municipal property.
Sec. 12-14. Excessive false alarms.
Sec. 12-15. Drug paraphernalia.