The Mayor and Commissioners shall have the following responsibilities.
   (A)   Mayor’s responsibilities.
      (1)   The Mayor may exercise all the powers and perform all the duties provided by the laws of this state or the ordinances of the municipality not in conflict with the laws of the state.
      (2)   The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the municipality, presides at all meetings of the Board of Commissioners, and has general supervision over all departments and officers.
      (3)   In the absence or inability of a Commissioner, the Mayor shall temporarily take charge of the department of that Commissioner.
      (4)   The Mayor shall enforce all the laws of the municipality and require that the conditions of the grant of any franchise or privilege are faithfully complied with and performed.
      (5)   The Mayor shall grant all licenses or permits, except as are required by ordinance to be granted by the Board of Commissioners or by some other department or officer.
      (6)   She or he shall have under her or his special charge the supervision of the Police and Fire Departments, the Public Health Department, and all matters relating to the public welfare of the municipality.
      (7)   The Mayor shall annually and from time to time give the Board of Commissioners information relative to the affairs of the municipality and shall recommend for the Board of Commissioners’ consideration any measure the Mayor deems expedient.
   (B)   Commissioner’s responsibilities. All matters not designated to the Mayor shall be assigned or apportioned as equally as may be between the Commissioners by resolution of the Board of Commissioners adopted by a majority vote at the first meeting of the Board of Commissioners in the month following the election each year.
(Prior Code, § 30.066)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see SDCL §§ 9-9-20, 9-9-26, and 9-9-27