§ 30.19  MEETINGS.
   (A)   The Commissioners shall meet on the first and third week of each month in regular session at such time as shall be fixed by the Board of Commissioners at the City Hall or other designated place, to consider, take under advisement, and act upon such business as may come before it.
   (B)   A special meeting may be called by the Mayor or by any two Commissioners at any time to only consider the matter mentioned in the call for the meeting. A notice of a special meeting shall be given pursuant to SDCL § 1-25-1.1 and shall be provided to each Commissioner.
   (C)   Each meeting of the Board of Commissioners is open to the public and the Board of Commissioners shall keep a journal of its proceedings.
(Prior Code, § 30.063)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see SDCL §§ 9-9-11, 9-9-12, and 9-9-13