1256.01 INTENT.
   Public facilities, as used throughout this Zoning Code, means facilities classified as main and accessory buildings and uses in the schedule set forth in Section 1256.02. Public Facilities Districts and regulations are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)    To provide a proper zoning classification for governmental, civic, welfare and recreational facilities in proper locations and extent so as to promote the general safety, convenience, comfort and welfare;
   (b)    To protect such public and semipublic facilities and institutions from the encroachment of certain other uses and to make such uses compatible with adjoining residential uses; and
   (c)    To provide an environment for the proper functioning of public facilities in relation to the Comprehensive Plan and other plans for community facilities. 
(Ord. 1978-165.  Passed 10-16-78.)