Buildings and land shall be used and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered, moved or maintained in a Public Facilities District only for uses set forth in the following schedule:
Schedule of Permitted Buildings and Uses
Main Buildings and Uses
Accessory Buildings and Uses
Governmental: Municipal, County, State and Federal buildings and uses for administrative functions and uses by the general public
Public parking areas or storage garage
Civic: churches, art galleries, libraries, museums, places for public assembly, memorials, monuments, cemeteries, fraernal organizations and private clubs
Residence for custodians or guards
Educational: primary and secondary public, private or parochial schools
Maintenance and heating facilities and bulletin boards as hereinafter regulated
Welfare: general and special hospitals, health centers and institutions for children and for the aged
   Oil and gas wells, provided a conditional use permit is granted
Recreational: parks, recreation fields and playgrounds, lakes, beaches, pools and public gardens and golf courses
Sale of religious materials in conjunction with the main use of land for church or religious institution purposes provided a conditional use permit is granted
Wireless telecommunications facilities may be permitted provided a conditional use permit is granted in accordance with the standards set forth in Section 1242.07 and in accordance with the provisions of C.O. Chapter 1273.
      (Ord. 2002-29.  Passed 1-6-03.)