A.   Area Of Park: All mobile home parks constructed after February 1968 shall have at least two thousand one hundred (2,100) square feet per mobile home site.
   B.   Area Of Spaces: Each mobile home shall be allotted a site of not less than one thousand (1,000) square feet.
   C.   Location Of Mobile Home: No mobile home shall be parked closer than five feet (5') to the side lot lines of a mobile home park or closer than ten feet (10') to a public street, alley, or building.
   D.   Streets And Driveways:
      1.   Each individual mobile home site shall abut or face on a private or public street.
      2.   All streets and driveways constructed after February 1968 shall be at least twenty four feet (24') in width, which space shall have unobstructed access to a public highway or alley.
      3.   All streets and driveways in every mobile home park shall be maintained in a passable and reasonably dustproof condition at all times.
   E.   Open Space: There shall be an open space of at least ten feet (10') between the sides of every mobile home and at least five feet (5') between the ends of every mobile home. (1993 Code p. 73 § 403.6-7; amd. 2006 Code)