A.   Area Established: There is a special fire limit area in the village described as follows:
Beginning on Broadway on Nicholas Street and extending North to Santa Fe right of way and East from Broadway to the alley in Blocks 8 and 14, and west from Broadway to the alley in Blocks 9 and 15. Also beginning on Main Street at the intersection of Mary Street and extending west to the alley in Blocks 8 and 14 extending North from Main Street 75 feet and South from Main Street 75 feet.
   B.   Application Of Provisions: Buildings within said special fire limit shall be subject to all provisions of this section, but this section shall not affect standards outside of the special fire limits.
   C.   Construction Requirements: All buildings constructed within special fire limit area shall be built of fire resistant material, including the roof. (1993 Code p. 56 § 403.1-3)