8-3-4: FEES:
   A.   Collection Fee: There shall be imposed upon each residential property within the Village a garbage collection fee of eighteen dollars fifty four cents ($18.54) per month. (Ord. 2019-05-06-1, 5-6-2019)
   B.   Billing Cost: In addition to the collection fee charged by the garbage collection contractor for each individual resident, business, corporation, or association, the Village will charge an additional fifty cents ($0.50) to offset billing costs. (1993 Code p. 7 Ord. G-1, 3-1-1993)
   C.   Increase In Fees: All increases in garbage collection services made to the Village shall be immediately passed on to the residences, businesses, corporations and organizations which are using the Village garbage collection service. This increase may be made immediately with no written or verbal forewarning. (1993 Code p. 7 Ord. G-1, 3-1-1993; amd. 2006 Code)