A.   Supervision: All sidewalks on public property in the village shall be built under the supervision of the superintendent.
   B.   Specifications:
      1.   Each sidewalk shall be at least four feet (4') in width and shall coincide with the line of the street on which it is built.
      2.   All sidewalks shall be built of concrete, or other permanent substance, placed on a good and sufficient foundation and placed in a good and workmanlike manner. (1993 Code p. 57 § 403.2-1)
   C.   Costs: The village shall furnish one-half (1/2) of the cost of construction and repairing of sidewalks if the abutting and fronting property owners will pay the balance. (1993 Code p. 57 § 403.2-2)
   D.   New Sidewalks:
      1.   Notice: When the village board finds it necessary to build additional sidewalks, it shall give notice to the owner of land abutting or fronting on the proposed sidewalk.
      2.   Costs:
         a.   The owners shall have the right to choose the material for the sidewalk, and they shall pay one-half (1/2) the cost of construction. (1993 Code p. 57 § 403.2-3)
         b.   Any sidewalk which may be built at the expense of the village shall be itemized and charged against the lots or parcels of land along which said sidewalks were constructed by the village, along with the names of owners and the cost of the fronting or adjacent sidewalks. (1993 Code p. 57 § 403.2-4)
         c.   If the village shall fail to collect the cost of the sidewalk within thirty (30) days, then the means of collection of the delinquent funds and the reimbursement of the village treasury shall be as by the statutes of the state appertaining thereto. (1993 Code p. 57 § 403.2-5)