Violations of this chapter may be enforced as outlined under the Illinois vehicle code or as a village ordinance citation for nonmoving violations only as outlined in the Illinois vehicle code. It shall be at the discretion of the arresting officer to enter the violation as an ordinance violation or as a violation of the Illinois vehicle code. Violations of this chapter will have a minimum fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first offense and may be increased in twenty five dollar ($25.00) increments for repeated violations. The violator may plead "guilty" for the issued ordinance violation and may pay the fine in person or by mail to the office of the village clerk by the "fines due date" as indicated on the ordinance citation. The violator may plead "not guilty" and request a court hearing to be scheduled at the Henderson County courthouse. Such requests shall be submitted by the "fines due date". At that time the violator shall be notified by mail of the scheduled court date. Pending disposition of the court's ruling, the violator shall be subject to the original fine and/or all court costs including all village attorney fees. (Ord. 2010-1, 3-1-2010)