(A)   Each person who owns or operates a grease trap, as required by § 51.26, shall cause collected or trapped fats, oils and grease to be cleaned and removed from the device on a periodic basis, and delivered to a facility authorized to use, treat or dispose of the material. The cleanout and removal shall be accomplished on a monthly basis unless the village, upon receipt of proof from the owner or operator or on the basis of its own inspection of the grease trap, determines that a less or more frequent maintenance schedule is required to achieve the purposes of this subchapter and to minimize the discharge of a prohibited concentration of fats, oils or grease.
   (B)   No fats, oils or grease removed from a grease trap may be offered to a person for transportation nor transported off the site where the materials were collected, except by a hauler licensed, as required by § 51.30(A) of this chapter.
(Ord. 01-17, passed 10-23-2001) Penalty, see § 51.99