Flood Control
1329.01   Findings of fact.
1329.02   Statement of purpose.
1329.03   Methods of reducing flood losses.
1329.04   Definitions.
1329.05   Lands to which this chapter applies.
1329.06   Basis for establishing the areas of special flood hazard.
1329.07   Compliance.
1329.08   Abrogation and greater restrictions.
1329.09   Interpretation.
1329.10   Warning and disclaimer of liability.
1329.11   Violations and penalties.
1329.12   Establishment of development permit.
1329.13   Exemption from filing a development permit.
1329.14   Designation of the flood damage prevention ordinance administrator.
1329.15   Duties and responsibilities of the Director of Public Service and Safety.
1329.16   Use of other base flood elevation and floodway data.
1329.17   Information to be obtained and maintained.
1329.18   Alteration of watercourses.
1329.19   Interpretation of flood boundaries.
1329.20   Variance procedure.
1329.21   Conditions for variances.
1329.22   Provisions for flood hazard reduction.
      Basis of zoning districts - see Ohio R.C. 713.10
      Levees - see Ohio R.C. 717.01
      Marking flood areas - see Ohio R.C. 1521.14
      Ohio Water Commission - see Ohio R.C. 1525.01 et seq.
      Conservancy District - see Ohio R.C. 6101.04