Solicitation of Funds
723.01   Definitions.
723.02   Solicitation Board established. (Repealed)
723.03   Charitable solicitations permit required; exemptions.
723.04   Application for charitable solicitations permit.
723.05   Investigation of charitable solicitation permit applications.
723.06   Standards for granting or denying applications.
723.07   Charitable solicitations permit fee.
723.08   Contents of permit; time limit.
723.09   Permit nontransferable; return.
723.10   Agents and solicitors.
723.11   Written receipts required.
723.12   Hearing after denial of  application; exceptions; decisions.
723.13   Revocation of permits; hearing; decision.
723.14   Notice of suspension or  revocation to Police Chief.
723.15   Books and records of permit holders.
723.16   Report required from permit holder.
723.17   Religious solicitations; registration and certificate required; credentials. (Repealed)
723.18   Religious solicitations; investigation.  (Repealed)
723.19   Use of fictitious name; fraudulent misrepresentation and
   misstatements prohibited.
723.20   Prohibited acts.
723.99   Penalty.
Charitable organizations - see W. Va. Code Art. 29-19
Obtaining money by false pretenses - see W. Va. Code 61-3-24 et seq.