Vacant Structure Registration Program and Uninhabitable Structure Registration Program
1760.01   Adoption.
1760.02   Purpose.
1760.03   Definitions.
1760.04   Applicability.
1760.05   Exemptions.
1760.06   Registration information.
1760.07   Fees.
1760.08   Publication.
1760.09   Changes in ownership.
1760.10   Vacant structure inspections.
1760.11   Uninhabitable structure inspections, monitoring and corrective action.
1760.12   Right of appeal for vacant structure designation.
1760.13   Right of appeal for uninhabitable structure designation.
1760.14   Nonpayment of fees/liens.
1760.15   Vacant structure security and maintenance regulations.
1760.16   Relation to other codes and laws.
1760.17   Severability.
As amended and reenacted - see W. Va. Code §8-12-16a, Registration of uninhabitable property.
Definitions- see 87CSR-7-2