Chapter 902
Right-of-Way Use Management
This chapter was updated by Ordinance No. 19-289 effective December 24, 2019
902.01   Purpose and scope of chapter.
902.02   Definitions.
902.03   Types of permits, grant of license and privilege.
902.04   Application procedure, terms and conditions.
902.041   Public utility and telecommunications permit amendment application procedure.
902.05   Criteria for granting permits.
902.06   Obligations of permittees, conditions of permits.
902.07   Permit fees and auditing.
902.08   Notice of right-of-way work and joint planning.
902.09   Use of permittee facilities by the City.
902.10   Indemnification.
902.11   Removal of facilities.
902.12   Remedies and revocations.
902.13   Reservation of rights.
902.14   Right-of-way vacation.
902.15   Temporary movement of facilities.
902.16   Foreclosure and receivership.
902.17   Repair of sewer laterals in right-of-way.
902.90   Nonenforcement and waivers by the City.
902.91   Controlling law.
902.92   Late response to emergency need for on-site underground facility location.
902.93   Captions.
902.99   Penalties.