A person seeking issuance of a permit hereunder shall file an application for such permit with the Chief Building Official.
   (a)   Form.  The application shall be made in writing, upon forms provided by the Chief Building Official, and shall be filed in the office of the Chief Building Official.
   (b)   Contents.  The application shall set forth:
      (1)   A description of the building proposed to be moved, giving street number, construction materials, dimensions, number of rooms and condition of exterior and interior;
      (2)   A legal description and address of the lot to which it is proposed such building be moved;
      (3)   The portion of the lot to be occupied by the building when moved;
      (4)   The highways, streets and alleys over, along or across which the building is proposed to be moved;
      (5)   Proposed moving date and hours;
      (6)   Any additional information which the Chief Building Official finds necessary to a determination of whether a permit should be issued.
   (c)   Accompanying Papers.
      (1)   Certificate of ownership or entitlement.  The applicant, if other than the owner, shall file with the application, an affidavit signed by the owner, or other sufficient evidence, that he is entitled to move the building.
         (Ord. 80-18.  Passed 1-15-80.)
      (2)   Fee.  The application shall be accompanied by an inspection fee in the amount prescribed by Chapter 1313.
         (Ord. 88-467.  Passed 8-2-88.)