Codified Ordinances
101.01   Designation; citation; headings.
101.02   General definitions.
101.03   Rules of construction.
101.04   Revivor; effect of amendment or repeal.
101.05   Construction of section references.
101.06   Conflicting provisions.
101.07   Determination of legislative intent.
101.08   Severability.
101.99   General penalty.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Statute of limitations on prosecutions - see Ohio R. C. 718.06; GEN. OFF. 501.06
   Codification in book form - see Ohio R. C. 731.23 Imprisonment until fine and costs are paid - see Ohio R. C. 1905.30, 2947.14
   Citation issuance for minor misdemeanors - see Ohio R. C. 2935.26 et seq.
   Ordinances and resolutions - see ADM. Ch. 113
   Rules of construction for offenses and penalties - see GEN. OFF. 501.04