TITLE ONE - General Provisions
   Chap. 1301. Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
   Chap. 1302. Architectural Review Board. (Repealed)
   Chap. 1303. Permits and Appeals.
   Chap. 1305. Deposits and Fees.
   Chap. 1307. Registration of Contractors.
TITLE THREE - Adoption of Codes
   Chap. 1311. One, Two and Three Family Dwelling Code.
   Chap. 1315. National Electrical Code.
   Chap. 1317. Ohio Building Code.
   Chap. 1318. Ohio Mechanical Code.
   Chap. 1319. Ohio Plumbing Code.
TITLE FIVE - Other Building Provisions
   Chap. 1321. Swimming Pools.
   Chap. 1322. Dish-Type Satellite Signal-Receiving Earth Stations.
   Chap. 1323. Garbage and Rubbish Disposals and Incinerators.
   Chap. 1324. Comprehensive Stormwater Management.
   Chap. 1325. Flood Damage Prevention. (Repealed)
   Chap. 1326.   Erosion and Sediment Control.
   Chap. 1327. Telecommunications Right-of-Way Permits.
   Chap. 1328. Outdoor Lighting.
   Chap. 1329. Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control.
   Chap. 1330. Community Reinvestment Area.
   Chap. 1332. Flood Damage Reduction.
   Chap. 1333. Demolition or Removal of Principal Structures on Commercial or Industrial Properties.
   Chap. 1334. Demolition or Removal of Residential Structures.
   Chap. 1335. Small Cell Facilities and Wireless Support Structures within the Right-of-Way.
   Chap. 1336. Registration and Maintenance of Vacant Nonresidential Properties and Establishments.