Chap. 1101. Admissions Tax.
   Chap. 1107. Automobile, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, Trailer, and Boat Sales.
   Chap. 1111. Bowling Alleys.
   Chap. 1115. Circuses and Carnivals.
   Chap. 1119. Frozen Desserts.
   Chap. 1123. Mechanical Amusement Devices.
   Chap. 1125. Automatic Dry Cleaning Machines.
   Chap. 1127.   Canvassing, Soliciting or Peddling for Residential Sales of Property and for Charitable Purposes.
   Chap. 1129. Dances and Dance Halls.
   Chap. 1131. Taxicabs.
   Chap. 1132. Garage Sales.
   Chap. 1133.   Going-Out-of-Business Sales.
   Chap. 1134. Sales of Personal Property.
   Chap. 1135. Drive-In Restaurants.
   Chap. 1137. Party Centers.
   Chap. 1139. Abortion.
   Chap. 1141. Automobile Service Stations.
   Chap. 1143. Commercial Snow Removal.
   Chap. 1145. Transportation of Radioactive Materials.
   Chap. 1147. Residential Real Estate Solicitations.
   Chap. 1149.   Dealers in Secondhand Articles.
   Chap. 1150. Massage Establishments.
   Chap. 1151. Community Banners.