(a)   The following conditional uses shall be no more than 35 feet in height:
      (1)   Adult day care centers;
      (2)   Child day care centers, Type A day care homes, and elderly day care centers;
      (3)   Adult group homes/Class Two residential facilities;
      (4)   Welfare centers, settlement houses, and health centers;
      (5)   Religious, home-based place of worship;
      (6)   Private recreational club facilities; and
      (7)   Non-municipal parks and playgrounds.
   (b)   The following conditional use structures shall be no more than 52.5 feet in height:
      (1)   Dormitories and residence halls for colleges and universities;
      (2)   Governmental offices;
      (3)   Hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, and senior housing facilities that offer on-site medical services;
      (4)   Libraries and museums;
      (5)   Public and private schools, including colleges, universities and dormitories;
      (6)   Public utilities; and
      (7)   Religious, institutional and places of worship.
   (c)   Accessory structures associated with approved conditional uses shall be no more than 15 feet in height.
(Ord. 14-23. Passed 12-11-23.)