Parking Generally
147.01   Designating parking infractions, establishing Violations Bureau.
147.02   Police may remove unattended vehicle which obstructs traffic.
147.03   Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking.
147.04   Prohibited standing or parking places.
147.05   Parking near curb; handicapped locations on public and private lots and garages.
147.06   Commercial vehicles - parking in street.
147.07   Moving another's vehicle into prohibited parking places.
147.08   Selling, washing or repairing vehicle upon roadway.
147.09   Unattended vehicle; duty to stop engine, remove key, set brake and turn wheels.
147.10   Truck zones.
147.11   Bus stops and taxicab stands.
147.12   Parking in narrow streets and alleys.
147.13   Prohibition against parking on streets or highways.
147.14   All-night parking prohibited.
147.15   Parking in driveways.
147.16   Emergency parking ban.
147.17   Emergency and public safety vehicles.
147.18   Parking on public property other than streets.
147.19   Willfully leaving vehicle on private or public property.
147.20   Parking prohibitions on private property; private tow-away zones.
147.21   Establishment of parking meter areas.
147.22   Parking meter rates.
147.23   Compliance with meter rules.
147.24   Collection of coins.
147.25   Use of funds.
147.26   Reservation of powers.
147.27   Prima-facie evidence of violation.
147.28   Parking by permit.
147.29   Electric charging station parking restrictions.
147.99   Penalty.