150.03 USE.
   (a)   The Criel Mound Park shall not be used for commercial purposes as defined in Section 150.01(a). Sidewalk solicitations are permissible on the Criel Mound Park sidewalks, provided all permits and regulations of the City are duly acquired and followed.
   (b)   Charitable solicitations shall be permitted in the Criel Mound Park by duly authorized civic, cultural, educational, fraternal and religious groups.
   (c)   Visual and structural alterations of the Criel Mound, as such Criel Mound is defined in Section 150.01(c), are strictly prohibited. Specifically, no signs or holiday lights of any type shall be permitted on the Criel Mound.
   Visual and structural alterations of the Criel Mound Park, as such Park is defined in Section 150.01(d), shall be limited to beautification efforts, except that holiday decorations and holiday lights may be permitted on selected trees in the Criel Mound Park. Tents shall only be permitted in the stage area and may only be permitted for community purposes, including non-sale demonstrations by artisans and craftsmen.
   (d)   Criel Mound Park may be used for community purposes, as defined in Section 150.01(b). Provided, however, that the integrity of the Criel Mound Park shall be protected at all times.
   (e)   No use of the Criel Mound Park, except recreational purposes as defined in Section 150.01(e), shall be permitted without first obtaining permission from City Council, pursuant to Section 150.04. (Ord. 1682. Passed 12-3-87.)