(a)   Requests for permission to use Criel Mound Park shall be reviewed and approved by the South Charleston Historical Landmarks Commission by a majority vote of the Commission members. In the event of a tie vote, City Council shall have authority of final resolution. The South Charleston Historical Commission shall have discretion in scheduling events and in requiring notice of requests of permission to use the Park, in order to avoid conflicts. Use of Criel Mound Park for recreational purposes shall be permitted without the express consent and approval of the Historical Landmarks Commission.
(Ord. 1846. Passed 3-17-94.)
   (b)   When considering requests for permission to use Criel Mound Park, Council shall consider cultural, historical and archaeological significance of the Criel Mound, as well as the community interest involved with the proposed use of Criel Mound Park.
(Ord. 1682. Passed 12-3-87.)