(a)    Regular Meetings. The Agency shall meet in regular session according to the schedule adopted by the board.
   (b)   Special Meetings. A special meeting may be convened by the chair or upon written notice signed by a majority of the members.
   (c)   Quorum. The Agency must have a quorum to conduct a meeting. A majority of the board, excluding vacancies, constitutes a quorum. A member must be physically present at a meeting for purposes of establishing a quorum.
   (d)   Voting.
      (1)   Except as provided elsewhere in this article or specified by law, action of the board must be approved by the affirmative vote of a majority of the board present and voting.
      (2)   Action of the board on the following matters must be approved by a majority of the entire board membership:
         A.   Adoption of bylaws;
         B.   Adoption of rules pursuant to Section 164.04;
         C.   Hiring or firing of an employee or contractor of the Agency; provided that this function may, by majority vote of the entire board membership, be delegated by the board to a specified officer or committee of the Agency;
         D.   Incurring of debt;
         E.   Adoption or amendment of the annual budget; and
         F.   Sale, lease, encumbrance, or alienation of real property or personal property with a value of more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
      (3)   A resolution pursuant to Section 164.12 and West Virginia Code Section 31-18E-14, relating to dissolution of the Agency, must be approved by two thirds of the entire board membership.
      (4)   A member of the board may not vote by proxy.
      (5)   A member may request a recorded vote on any resolution or action of the land reuse agency.
   (e)   Records. The board shall keep minutes and a record of its proceedings.
(Ord. 2283. Passed 10-17-19.)