164.04 RULES.
   The Agency shall establish rules on all of the following:
   (a)    Duties of officers;
   (b)   Attendance and participation of members at regular and special meetings;
   (c)   Procedures for the removal of a member by a majority vote of the other members for failure to comply with a rule;
   (d)   Policies and procedures setting forth the general terms and conditions for consideration to be received by the Agency for the transfer of real property and interests in real property, including but not limited to, a process for distribution of any proceeds to any claimants, taxing entities, and the Agency;
   (e)   Procedures detailing the manner by which residents will have an opportunity to have input into the Agency's decision-making process; and
   (f)   Other matters necessary to govern the conduct of the Agency.
      (Ord. 2283. Passed 10-17-19.)