§ 59.006  WATER METERS.
   (a)   Only authorized utility employees are permitted to install and remove water meters.
   (b)   Only the individual water meter(s) serving a premises can be located within the private occupancy space of that dwelling unit.
   (c)   The customer shall pay for the water meter(s) according to the current schedule of fees as approved in § 51.010. Water meters shall not be set, nor the water service turned on, unless the location and setting comply with the city code and all fees and deposits have been paid. If any customer requests a water meter installation and has any unpaid fees or charges, the new water meter will not be set until all unpaid fees and charges are paid in full.
   (d)   Water meter(s) shall remain at the address in which installed and shall remain in the same location as first installed unless relocation is approved by the city. If the building is to be demolished or moved from the lot, the water meter(s) shall be removed and returned to the city. A resetting fee at the current rate shall be assessed for removal of a water meter without authorization.
   (e)   A meter transmitting unit (MTU) must be installed with each water meter. An MTU must be installed to ensure proper signal strength for communication with the data collector unit (DCU) and may be attached to the water meter, branch piping, walls, ceiling, or on the exterior of the building. If the MTU must be installed away from the water meter location to ensure proper signal strength and accuracy, the property owner is responsible for all costs associated with routing, hanging, or drilling to install the MTU.
   (f)   Deduct meters are not permitted without prior written approval from the city.
   (g)   Hydrant meters will not be allowed without prior approval of the city engineer or utility employee. All fees and charges, including any damage to the hydrant, hydrant meter, or associated backflow prevention assembly, will be billed to the customer when the hydrant meter is removed from service. Fees to install and remove the hydrant meter will be charged in accordance to § 51.010.
   (h)   Irrigation meters may only be installed in commercial facilities and only upon prior written approval from the city engineer or utility employee. Irrigation meters, if approved, must be installed prior to, or separate from, the domestic water meter.
   (i)   Master meters are not permitted without prior written approval from the city engineer or utility employee.
(Ord. 21-21, passed 2-16-2021)