A use shall be accessory to a building or premises that is customarily incidental and subordinate to any principal use allowed as an RE1 form. Permitted special. The following accessory uses include additional restrictions for each specific use. A conditional use with standards within §§ 160.605 et seq. (Conditional Use) may be obtained when the standards for a permitted special accessory use cannot be obtained.
   (a)   Accessory alcohol.
      (1)   Must be incidental and subordinate portion of the operations of the business. Does not include restaurants.
      (2)   Beyond 100 feet to sensitive land uses. Sensitive land uses include DD, AD, MD forms, places of worship, schools, day care, public use facility, and parks.
   (b)   Accessory retail warehouse or processing.
      (1)   It should be subordinate to the retail principal use and all retail merchandise shall be stored indoors.
   (c)   Accessory food product manufacturing.
      (1)   It must be accessory to retail.
      (2)   The food product manufacturing shall include the retail sale of such goods being manufactured.
      (3)   The food product manufacturing process is carried on within a fully enclosed building and is not offensive due to dust, noise, or vibration.
   (d)   Drive-through service window.
      (1)   Sufficient room for drive-through stacking per § 160.555.
      (2)   Orient away or screen from public streets or adjacent DD, AD, MD forms.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)