A use shall be accessory to a building or premises that is customarily incidental and subordinate to any principal use allowed as a BCF2 form.
   (a)   Permitted special. The following accessory uses include additional restrictions for each specific use. A conditional use with standards within § 160.605 may be obtained when the standards for a permitted special accessory use cannot be obtained.
      (1)    Accessory off-site parking.
         A.   The accessory off-site parking must be within 250 feet of the application's principal use.
         B.   The accessory off-site parking must be no closer than 250 feet to any DD or AD forms.
         C.   If the off-site parking lot is across an arterial street, a pedestrian safety plan must be approved by the planning director.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)