A building or premises may be used for the following purposes in the A-1 agricultural district in conformance with the conditions prescribed herein, or by obtaining a conditional use permit for the use in conformance with the requirements of §§ 158.370 through 158.382.
   (a)   A building eligibility may be used within a farmstead provided:
      (1)   The building eligibility exists on property contiguous to and under the same ownership as the farmstead;
      (2)   There will be no more than two dwellings within the farmstead; and
      (3)   The residential structure may be a single-family dwelling, manufactured home or mobile home.
   (b)   Cemetery subject to: the cemetery shall contain an area of 20 acres or more or be an expansion of an existing cemetery. For purposes of this chapter, crematories and related mortuary services shall not be considered accessory to cemeteries; a chapel shall be considered as an accessory structure;
   (c)   Pet cemetery subject to a minimum area of two acres;
   (d)   Wind energy conversion system in conformance with § 158.272;
   (e)   Off-premises signs in conformance with §§ 158.330 through 158.335;
   (f)   Greenhouses and nurseries provided there is no retail sale of products conducted on the premises;
   (g)   A single-family dwelling located on a lot of record in accordance with the following:
      (1)   A lot of record consisting of less than 80 acres and containing no other dwellings shall have one building eligibility;
      (2)   A lot of record consisting of 80 acres or more shall qualify for building eligibility as follows:
         A.   The acreage of the lot of record shall be divided by 40 acres. The resulting whole number minus the number of existing dwellings on the parcel shall represent building eligibility; and
         B.   If there is more than one building eligibility, each additional building site shall be required to obtain a conditional use permit.
      (3)   Approval must be granted by the appropriate governing entity for access onto the public road; and
      (4)   Any parcel conveyed from a lot of record must be a minimum of one acre. The remaining portion of the lot shall be retained as agricultural land or in its present use.
   (h)   Telecommunications tower, subject to:
      (1)   There shall be a minimum setback of 600 feet from the tower base to any existing residence or proposed residential development area based on the county’s adopted land use plan except the farmstead residence on the proposed site. Building structures must meet county setback requirements. Towers shall be no more than 200 feet in height. Towers exceeding 200 feet may be considered, if FCC and FAA approval is received; and
      (2)   Stealth design approved by the county planning director.
   (i)   Church, subject to, the building being adjacent to an arterial or collector street.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 3.03)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)