A building or premises shall be permitted to be used for the following purposes in the A-1 agricultural district:
   (a)   Agriculture;
   (b)   (1)   A single-family dwelling if the following provisions for building eligibility are met.
      (2)   Each quarter-quarter section shall have one building eligibility when all the following conditions are met.
         A.   There are no other dwellings on the quarter-quarter section.
         B.   The building site shall be a minimum of one acre.
         C.   Approval has been granted by the appropriate governing entity for access onto a public road.
         D.   The remaining portion of the quarter-quarter section is retained as agricultural land or in its present use.
   (c)   Historical sites;
   (d)   Neighborhood utilities; and
   (e)   Antenna support structure.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 3.02)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)