(a)   Except as provided by SDCL 9-4-1, before a municipality may extend its boundaries to include contiguous territory, the governing body shall conduct a study to determine the need for the contiguous territory and to identify the resources necessary to extend the municipal boundaries.
   (b)   The planning and development services department shall follow SDCL 9-4-4.1 through 9-4-4.10 in annexing contiguous territory without a petition. Any annexation without petition shall be within the urbanized, planned urbanized, and future urbanized areas as detailed within the city's officially adopted comprehensive plan. The City of Sioux Falls may initiate an annexation study for an annexation without petition when the unannexed property is 100% surrounded by city limits, adjacent land is fully developed, and one or more of the following criteria are met:
      (1)   The unannexed property is currently adjacent to an improved city street and connected to city water or sewer services; or
      (2)   The unannexed property will be impacted by a capital improvement project such as a street improvement or utility extensions; or
      (3)   The unannexed property has a public health or safety issue that can be corrected with city utility connections or street improvements; or
      (4)   There is no reasonable means for the city to physically access a property that is adjacent to an unannexed property other than through the unannexed property or ROW.
(1992 Code, § 9-2) (Ord. 113-05, passed 11-7-2005; Ord. 29-22, passed 3-1-2022)