(a)   Mobile food vendors shall comply with the minimum public health and safety requirements as made and enforced by the South Dakota Department of Health, pursuant to SDCL 34-18 and as set forth in the following provisions of the Code: This Chapter 117 of this Code, Chapter 110: Licenses, and Chapter 112: Food and Food Handlers, and the fire code as adopted by the city in § 91.015 of this Code.
   (b)   Mobile food vendors shall allow:
      (1)   The equipment used in vending be inspected upon application for a permit and shall be required to obtain a valid food service license and operating permit; and
      (2)   Each mobile vending truck to be inspected at a minimum of twice per year by the Sioux Falls Health Department or similar agency so tasked with jurisdiction over this duty.
(Ord. 118-15, passed 12-1-2015)  Penalty, see § 117.999