Section 4.01  General provisions.
   (a)   Creation of departments. The mayor may establish city departments, offices, or agencies in addition to those created by this charter by filing an executive order which may also provide that any funds previously appropriated to perform a function which is being transferred may thereby be transferred to the new major organizational unit performing such function, with such order becoming effective after the expiration of 25 days from the date it is filed, unless action is taken to nullify the executive order by a vote of six (6) or more members of the city council. The mayor may prescribe the functions of all departments, offices, and agencies, except that no function assigned by this charter to a particular department, office, or agency may be discontinued or, unless this charter specifically so provides, assigned to any other.
   (b)   Direction by mayor. All departments, offices, and agencies under the direction and supervision of the mayor shall be administered by one (1) or more officers appointed by and subject to the direction and supervision of the mayor. The appointment by the mayor of any director or head of any city department shall only be effective with the advice and consent of the council.  The mayor may appoint one (1) person as the head of two (2) or more departments.
(4-11-00, § E; 4-12-16, § E)