Article I. Incorporation and Corporate Powers
   1.1   Incorporation and General Powers
   1.2   Exercise of Powers
   1.3   Enumerated Powers Not Exclusive
Article II. Corporate Boundaries
   2.1   Corporate Boundaries
Article III. Mayor and City Council
   3.1   Temporary Officers
   3.2   Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore
   3.3   Composition of Village Council
   3.4   Terms; Qualifications; Vacancies
   3.5   Compensation of Mayor and Members of Council
   3.6   Organization of Council; Oaths of Office
   3.7   Meeting of Council
   3.7.1   Rules of Order
   3.8   Quorum; Votes
   3.9   Ordinances and Resolutions
Article IV. Election Procedure
   4.1   Regular Municipal Elections
   4.2   Regulation of Elections
Article V. Village Attorney
   5.1   Appointment, Qualifications, Term, Compensation
   5.2   Duties of the Village Attorney
Article VI. Administrative Officers and Employees
   6.1   Village Clerk
   6.2   Village Tax Collector
   6.3   Village Finance Officer
   6.4   Consolidation of Functions
   6.5   Other Employees
Article VII. Finance
   7.1   Custody of Village Money
   7.2   Issuance of Bonds
   7.3   Purchases and Contracts
   7.4   Independent Audit
   7.5   Taxation
Article VIII. Claims Against the Village
   8.1   Tort Claims
Article IX. Effective Date