A.   The town representative shall first seek to resolve any violation of this chapter by issuing a notice in letter form informing the property owner of the violation and containing a time limit for the property owner to comply. The written notice shall be delivered by the town representative, in person, or by regular mail.
   B.   If the property owner fails to adequately respond to the informal request to correct the offending condition existing on his or her property, the town representative shall issue a formal notice and order as described in section 3-1-5. Any such notice and order shall also require that a fine be paid in the amount of forty five dollars ($45.00) within the time limit set forth in the notice.
   C.   If the property owner fails to correct the offending condition existing on his or her property within the time set forth in the notice and order, the town shall issue a summons and complaint requiring the property owner to appear in Simla Municipal Court at a date certain. Should the property owner be found guilty of violating this chapter, he or she shall be subject to a fine not to exceed the sum of seven hundred dollars ($700.00) for each day that the violation exists or for each occurrence, in addition to the abatement costs described in this section. (Ord. 319, 8-11-2020)