A.   Weeds And Brush Kept Cut: No owner of any lot, block, or parcel of ground within the town, nor any tenant or agent in charge thereof, shall allow or permit weeds or brush to grow, or remain when grown, on such lot, block, or parcel of ground, or on or along any sidewalk, road, alley, or other traveled thoroughfare, adjoining the same, or in the alley behind the same, but such weeds and brush shall be cut reasonably close to the ground and kept so cut throughout the growing season. Excepted from this subsection shall be those vacant parcels located within the town, which are one acre, or more, in size and which are used for livestock grazing, forage, feed production, or other agricultural purposes.
   B.   Undesirable Plants Or Noxious Weeds: In conformance with Colorado Revised Statutes 35-5.5-101 et seq., i.e., the Colorado noxious weed act, the town shall formulate and enact a management plan for the control and eradication of noxious weeds, as defined by the state of Colorado, or as designated by the town board of trustees or county of Elbert. The town board shall designate, on a yearly basis, one or more of its employees to include in his or her duties, the observation, location, and eradication of any noxious weed as designated by state rule or has been declared a noxious weed by the county of Elbert or the town board. Such employee shall receive the necessary training and information from the state of Colorado or county of Elbert, as necessary, to allow the employee to perform his other duties in eradicating said noxious weeds. The town shall cooperate with, and shall integrate its management plan with and through, by appropriate intergovernmental agreement when applicable, the state of Colorado and county of Elbert whenever possible.
   C.   Trees And Shrubs On Town Rights Of Way Or Other Public Property: It is the responsibility of property owners, adjoining public rights of way or other similar public property, to plant, spray, prune, maintain, and/or remove trees and shrubs located on platted streets, alleys, and public grounds, or within the easements of all streets, alleys, and public grounds, as may be deemed necessary by the town board of trustees, or its designated employee or officer, to ensure public safety or to preserve or enhance the symmetry and beauty of such public grounds. Further, the town shall be allowed to remove or cause to be removed, any tree, shrub, or part thereof, which is in an unsafe condition (such as impeding the sight of drivers of vehicles as to approaching or turning vehicles), or which by reason of its nature is injurious to sewer or utility lines, or other public utilities or improvements, or is infected with any dangerous fungus, blight, insect, or disease. The town may also remove or cause to be removed any tree or part thereof, which is protruding over any street or roadway allowing less than a minimum of sixteen feet (16') clearance above the grade of the roadway.
   D.   Trees And Shrubs To Be Removed From Private Property: The town shall have the authority to require of any landowner on whose property is located dead or diseased trees or shrubs, or portions of such trees or shrubs, to remove such trees, shrubs, or portions thereof, when the condition of the trees, shrubs, or portions thereof constitute a hazard to personal or public safety or property, due to fire hazard, spread of fungus, insects, blight, or disease, or other conditions which constitutes a potential threat to the health of other trees or shrubs growing within the town. (Ord. 246, 10-5-2004)